Varadkar ‘sceptical’ about allowing banned drink drivers to drive to work

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is “sceptical” about proposals to allow people banned for drink driving to continue to drive to and from work, saying the move may be unworkable.

Mr Varadkar said it could be impractical for gardaí to confirm if individuals who should not be on the roads are really travelling to their place of work if the plan is introduced.

In an announcement in a Sunday newspaper, junior minister at the Department of Transport Brendan Griffin said he has asked officials to consider allowing convicted drink drivers to have licences under strict circumstances.

Citing a similar law in New Zealand where people who should be barred from the roads are instead allowed to drive to and from work, Mr Griffin said he is open to introducing the proposal here.

Source: Irish Examiner, March 5th 2019