Report reveals 58 deaths due to overdoses and notes rise in risky drug injecting in Cork City

Drug services in Cork City have noticed “increases in dangerous injecting practices” among drug users, according to new research. This includes injecting into the groin and neck, as well as injecting alone and in the open.

The study said there is also concern around the “growing issue” of visible drug littering and of needle-stick injury among the non-drug-using population. Researchers said it is against this background that they identified where drug-injecting occurs in Cork City and the sites of non-fatal and fatal overdoses.

Based on interviews with 51 drug-injectors, the study identified 58 fatal overdoses and 47 non-fatal overdoses and mapped possible locations for any future supervised injecting facility (SIF).

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Source: The Irish Examiner (online), accessed May 21st 2019