The SERDATF is one of ten Regional Drugs Task Forces which was set up across the country in 2003, as a result of a key recommendation arising from the National Drug Strategy 2001-2008.  Funded by the Department of Health, the SERDATF covers the catchment area of Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford.

The role of the Task Force is to research, develop, implement, and monitor a co-ordinated response to illicit drug use at regional level.  The SERDATF has been given a key role by the Government in responding to the drug problem. Its composition reflects the need to ensure locally-based responses that complement existing or planned drug programmes and services in the south east region.

Membership of the SERDATF reflects a five county interagency collaboration that includes representation from the Community Sector, Voluntary Sector, Statutory Agencies, and Communities of Interest.

Terms of Reference of the SERDATF

  • To co-ordinate the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy in the context of the needs of the area
  • To implement the actions in the National Drug Strategy where Task Forces have been assigned a role
  • To promote the implementation of evidence-based local/regional drug and alcohol strategies and to exchange best practice
  • To support and strengthen community based responses to drug and alcohol misuse
  • To maintain an up-to-date overview on the nature and extent of drug and alcohol misuse
  • To identify and report on emerging issues and advocate for the development of policies or actions needed to address them
  • To monitor, evaluate and assess the impact of the funded projects and their continues relevance to the local/regional drugs task force strategy and to recommend changes in the funding allocations as deemed necessary.

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