Public Consultation: Draft Strategy: Challenge and Change: tackling Substance Misuse in the South East Region

Our Vision is to reduce the impact of substance misuse on individuals, their families and our communities through a range of integrated effective interventions that help people make a difference for the better in their lives.

We believe that the SERDATF should contribute to creating:

  • A safe and healthy community
  • Support services that treat people with dignity and respect
  • An effective partnership approach to tackling substance misuse

Our Vision is a CHALLENGE to CHANGE the way we develop, manage and support the most effective interventions around substance misuse in the South East Region.

Our Strategy aims to implement the Goals of the National Drug Strategy “Reducing harm, Supporting Recovery 2017-2025” by specific, measurable objectives over the three- year period 2019-2022.

Please provide any feedback on the strategy to Laurence Wrenne, SERDATF Chair by Friday July 27th at