Irish Recovery Walk Dublin 2018


What does recovery mean to you?

Would you like to share your stories of recovery as part of the recovery walk 2018?

As part of the recovery walk, the organisers are inviting participants to share their experiences of recovery at the recovery walk to be held on September 15th 2018 and display them on the RECOVERY WALL. These creative pieces of work will represent what recovery means to individuals, groups or services incorporating the theme of this year’s walk ‘Together we have a voice’.

They can be one of the following but are not limited to:

  • Art pieces
  • Written stories or narratives
  • Poems
  • Letters
  • Banners

We encourage you to bring your work to the recovery walk where it will be displayed on a recovery wall in the Recovery Village in Merrion Square.

Let your imaginations run wild!!!!!! NO idea is too small or too big, bring on the colour and don’t forget to #recovery #togetherwehaveavoice

For further information: please contact us

Source: Recovery Academy Ireland, August 2018