Alcohol Action Ireland welcomes reports that Minister Harris will press ahead with the introduction of minimum unit pricing

Alcohol Action Ireland today welcomed the reporting of the Minster for Health, Simon Harris’ intention to implement Minimum Unit Pricing ‘as soon as possible to address the health harms and cost associated with harmful alcohol consumption’.

Ireland’s harmful relationship with alcohol is evident by the continued underlying rise in consumption, with 2018 data likely to further illustrate a continual rise in our drinking, an outcome well documented in the frequent alcohol industry and retailers’ trading statements.

Implementing all the provisions of the Public Health Alcohol Act, 2018, in a coherent and cohesive manner is critical to achieving the preferred public health objectives and a significant reduction required in our whole-of-population alcohol consumption, which at over 11 litres per capita, remains 40% beyond the low risk consumption guidelines.

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Source:, January 2019