About Raise

Recovery Advocacy In the South East (RAISE)


Who are R.A.I.S.E?


 R.A.I.S.E. is a network of people, family members and communities in Kilkenny, Carlow, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford who want to connect and co-create communities where it is recovery, and not addiction, that flourishes


What are Recovery Networks? 

Recovery Networks are peer led groups of people who in their own towns, cities and communities co-produce visible, sustainable recovery opportunities


 We do this by

  • Promoting social events for people in recovery to meet and have fun
  • Awareness raising events/activities that promote recovery
  • Using experience to improve services and supports
  • Developing workshops for services and people in recovery
  • Challenge stigma through education and community partnering
  • Developing policies that are Recovery Focused
  • Providing Advocacy and support for people in recovery
  • Supporting and developing research that sees people in recovery  as partners not  just subjects


Recovery Networks provide people with an opportunity to carry the message of hope, not just to individuals but also to communities, towns and cities. Recovery is a reality and there are many pathways to achieving long term recovery from addiction.


Recovery Networks start;

  • With the assets and resources in a community.
  • See people in recovery as a vital part of the answer.
  • Support people to develop their potential.
  • Identify opportunities and strengths.
  • Invest in people as active participants.
  • Focus on communities, neighbourhoods and the common good.
  • See people as having something valuable to contribute.
  • Help people take control of their lives and achieve long term recovery .


Recovery Networks involve people who;

  • are proud of their recovery ,
  • who take responsibility for themselves and their communities
  • want to make sure that people , families and communities who are effected by addiction can work together to achieve long term sustainable recovery